E Management Agency Review: Is E Management Agency Worth it? Are They Legit? Best E Management Agency Alternatives

What is E Management Agency? A Review of the E Management Agency and is it legit OF Agency to join? What are some pros and cons of joining E Management agency.

E Management Agency Review: Is E Management Agency Worth it?
E Management Agency Review: Is E Management Agency Worth it? 

Building a successful career in OnlyFans requires talent, charisma, an online presence, and technical skills in management and marketing. If you think you have what it takes to make it to the top but are not quite confident in the technical aspect of running your account, you may want a management agency to help you out.

In this article, we will look at E Management Agency, also known as EMA. Is it legit, and what services can it offer you? Read on to find out.

Why Contract With A E Management Agency?

If you're a creator planning to make a lucrative career out of your content in OnlyFans, you may want to consider employing a management agency to make things easier.

A management agency or company takes charge of the technical to-do's of running your account - they help upload content and schedule posts, set up your pay-per-view (PPV) content, and help with marketing to expand your reach to a wider scope of audience.

Management agencies are advantageous to both new and seasoned creators as their resources allow them to provide a greater array of services at much higher quality. These agencies commonly contract with several creators and actively promote them to increase their viewership and profitability.

What Do Management Agencies Normally Do?

The scope of their work and focus vary per agency, but these are commonly the types of activities that management agencies assist creators with:

  1. Optimizing pages, including SEO integration and improving bios and images to boost visibility and audience retention.
  2. Post scheduling, where content is adjusted to your availability, audience interest, and appropriate timing of posts to achieve optimal viewership.
  3. Updating the page to maintain activity and audience interest.
  4. Communication includes updating content, posting announcements, and even managing DMs.
  5. Managing the monetization aspect by effectively targeting the right strategies to secure the profit that works best for you. This includes PPV content, course programs, tips, donations, and subscriptions.

Things to Note About Management Agencies

Contracting with a management agency has a lot of perks, especially if you have little experience or technical know-how in managing your account. In return of their services, a management agency will require compensation for their services as regular businesses do. These are things to prepare for:

  • Depending on your contract, management agencies may charge you a flat fee or 10-30 percent of your total income. New creators generally work with a flat rate and transition to percentage-based fees as they grow more profitable.
  • Since you will be putting a different entity in charge of your account and a part of your online identity, you need to ensure that they are credible and trustworthy. Fraudulent entities may take advantage of their access and use your account and content for their own motives.
  • Make sure that you have properly researched a credible and reliable agency. Keep in mind that you are providing access to sensitive/explicit content about you.

What Is E Management Agency?

E Management agency is one of the worst agencies to join as a creator. You shouldn't be working with them. They are the worst agency for any creator to join. They scam people with their money.

Join another alternative of E Management agencies:

The following are some of the best agencies that you can join instead of joining E Management agency:

Sakura Agency:

Sakura Management agency is one of the best agencies out there helping OnlyFans creators manage their OnlyFans accounts and help them with marketing.

They have built special techniques for helping creators grow on OnlyFans using platforms like TikTok and Instagram. They are the ones providing all the services to help you with everything from management to content creation strategy. Join Sakura Agency here.

RARE X Network:

RARE X Network is a matchmaking OnlyFans agency. They help connect creators with top OnlyFans agencies. They have worked with 100+ OnlyFans creators by connecting them to agencies.

There are tons of OnlyFans agencies, some of which are shady or scammy, so what best agencies to join? RARE X Network will help you with this. They are 100% free and they help you find an agency based on your requirements. Contact RARE X Network here.

Lunardark Agency

Lunardark Agency is the best agency to join as a creator, and working with them, you can make more money, have more time to relax, and can focus on only creating content for your OF page.

Lunardark agency is an agency that works with the top OnlyFans creators making over $100,000+/month; want to work with Lunardark agency? Contact Lunardark Agency here.


OFAgency.co is another one of the best OnlyFans management and marketing agencies. The provide you services:

  • OnlyFans management
  • OnlyFans account marketing
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Help you with the content creation process and content strategy.
  • They also provide you chatters or Ghostwriters who are available 24/7.

Want to work with OFAgency.co? Contact OFAgency.co here.


How do I contact E Management Agency?

You can sign up to join E Management Agency through their website. Note that since it is considered an elite and highly successful agency, it can be quite selective with the creators they choose to make a contract with.

What are the rates charged by E Management Agency?

They charged the highest rate and exploited creators. It is better to join other agencies.

What are the downsides to contracting?

Contracting with an agency also has its disadvantages. One of the most obvious ones would be the cost - creators would have to pay a portion of their income to managers aside from the fee already deducted by the OnlyFans platform.

You also need to ensure that you are allowing access to your private information and content to a reliable entity. There is a risk of data privacy breaches, identity theft and even using your content for malicious activities if a fraudulent entity gain access to them.

When choosing an agency, make sure you know what your priorities are. There are some agencies that put more focus on specific services than others.

For example, E Management Agency is solely focused on the OnlyFans platform and its creator community. If you have plans to branch out or use other platforms, you will have to consider that.

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