Following are the prices for the agencies who want to work with us.

  1. The first spot in all the articles: $400/month
  2. Second Spot in all the articles: $350/month
  3. 3rd spot: $300/month
  4. Getting placed in the fourth spot: $250/month
  5. Place your agency in the fifth spot: $250/month

Note: We only work with five agencies at a time.

If you want to work with us, here are some benefits:

  1. We will mention your agency article in the feature section (Only visible on Mobile and for the agency who wants to be on the first spot)
  2. There will be no other agencies mentioned in articles about your agency.
  3. We will also mention your agency in the Footer section of the website.

This will also help you with having a good SEO and increase the chances of getting more creators onboard.

Also, this pricing is for one month only. The pricing is recurring.

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